Selecting the best appointment booking software for you

Let’s be honest there is an absolute plethora of options of appointment booking softwares out there. In fact it is a problem of plenty. Considering many of the users are not technologically inclined – how do they even go about selecting a solution that meets requirements?,,, etc are some of the leading appointment booking solutions. Ultimately, the decision to select a particular product depends on the use case.

Identifying use cases for appointment booking would result in the classification of user types as:

Independent service providersSmall businessesEnterprise
One person2-20 users20 + users
Independent doctorsSpeciality firmsNGOs
Coaches & trainersBoutique consulting firmsLarge firms
FreelancersBarber shopsHospital chains
DesignersPhoto/Design studiosConglomerates
Gig workersHealthcare clinicsGovernments
IT ConsultantsMarketing & Design agencies
TradesmenInterior & Fashion design houses

Currently, solutions are designed keeping in mind the needs of corporate and SME users or in some large cases based on the industry. Doing this ensures consistent and larger revenues for the software developer and helps ensure innovation through sustainability. Nevertheless, the needs of different user groups are different and as such the Cost/Value proposition is also unique to the classification or industry type.

Feature requirements

Now that you have identified which of the above classifications you belong to, it is crucial that you define your intent of using an appointment booking solution.

  • Service oriented business
    • Refers primarily to independent service providers and SMEs, where the intent is to gain revenue.
  • Customer driven (Support/Engagement)
    • Primarily about customer engagement and end user driven

Once you have classified your intent, you can easily sort through the functionalities required in the solution of your choice.

FeatureService OrientedCustomer Support/Engagement
Appointment bookings Must have Must have
Refers to the ability to list services and availability, so that the end customer can make a booking request accordingly.Requires confirmations processAuto bookings
Modern user experienceMust haveCould have
Refers to the importance of the overall process of booking experienced by the end customer.A smooth experience ensures a saleThe end customer is already onboard, so UI/UX is not a key requisite
Payments Must haveCould have
Ability to receive online payments for services provided.A stable payments platform is a necessity, as this is a primary source of income
IntegrationsMust haveCould have
Ability to interact with other apps/solutions like Google, Apple, Zoho, Zapier, etcChances are you use a bundle of apps to run your business. As such it is critical to have a solution that integrates into other services.If needed, integration is paid for and done.
AnalyticsMust haveMust have
Highlights earnings, no of bookings per month, info on missed bookings, etcRequired in-order to gauge what works and what doesn’t.Core requirement to gauge performance
CRM SolutionGood to haveMust have
Customer management, relationship details, etcMaintaining records Booking services are generally tightly integrated to ensure a seamless experience.
NotificationsMust haveGood to have
In built mechanism to send reminders for meetings/actionsMust need, serves as a reminder mechanismCustomized based on type of engagement with the end customer.

Having identified the feature set you can do rough analysis based on value for money and feature-set availability assessments. Some of the other resources you can utilize to select the best booking solution for your website are as below:

Comparison tools

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