Client Relationship Management

A single window into all your relationship touch points

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crm app

Do I need a CRM platform?

Contact management is key to building meaningful relationships, as it is our contacts (network) that empowers us to grow at scale. Operating through the use of memory or diaries will only take us so far – automated record keeping empowered through regular updates is key.

Let’s look at the feature list for the CRM system


Detailed Tracking

You can update each interaction with a particular contact for easy reference. Know when you last connected with them, the invoices or estimates shared and their current status with reference to your business and you across your team.

CRM Updates

Single point of focus

The entire application is built around the CRM. Whether you would like to create an invoice or get an appointment, a contact entry needs to be first created. This enables you to have a single source of truth regarding the contact in question and helps you leverage that knowledge for your objectives.