Learn how to position your coaching business

Clients need to be aware of your value proposition and what they will get from you

While it is the most attractive long term career for professionals, the hardest thing about coaching is building a sustainable brand. Those that have been successful and are widely recognised have the following nailed down to the tee:

  1. Distinct value proposition
  2. Referral and partnerships network
  3. Develop coaching programs
  4. Social media/Branding strategy
  5. Operations support

Most importantly they constantly work on positioning their coaching business.

Distinct value proposition

Your uniqueness defines you. It stands for what you bring to the table and what people who don’t know you, can expect to gain from you. In the early days, when you are starting out afresh, your first clients define this for you. Which sector your clients belong to and what service offering do they repeatedly engage you for – product market fit in tech parlance.

Ultimately, you need to control what’s said about you when you are not in the room, when being pitched by your clients and friends. This is only possible if you have a distinct positioning and consistent delivery.

Referrals & partnerships network

Make sure you actively engage your clients, network and complimentary companies/start-ups/associations to gain new clients. Look at offering commissions to your associates for successful referrals. Its a lot easier when people recommend you rather than trying to create a brand from scratch.

Social media & branding strategy

Instagram, Facebook, Web Platforms and Podcasts can no longer be ignored. You need to have a solid brand strategy that continually positions your services and brand image to everybody who has a social media account. Spend the time on building and executing a targeted communications plan based on where your target market is located.

Develop coaching programs

While one on one coaching sessions are highly customised to the needs of the coachee – these are harder to commercialise. A vast majority of people have similar problems and as such can be marketed as a group. For e.g.

  1. Coaching program for Entrepreneurs
  2. Coaching program for Middle Managers
  3. The CEO Mindset

Operations support

The very first thing you need to once you have crossed the first hurdle of 10 paying clients is to build your operations backbone. This involves hiring a team and implementing a technology platform that helps you 10x the growth of your business. The easiest way to do this, is to ask around and see what other successful coaches whose position you would like to be in a few years are doing. See their team structure and the software applications they are using.

Team Positions

  1. Sales and Admin Support
  2. Social Media Support (Graphics and Web Design)
  3. AV Creator
  4. Sales Support

Software requirements

  1. Client management (CRM)
  2. Project management
  3. Online Learnings/Video Communications Software
  4. Billing solution
  5. Appointments/Booking solution

About Latom

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