Best software for solopreneurs and small businesses

software for solopreneurs

Ever since the pandemic, there has been an exponential growth in the number of people starting up on their own. The existence of collaboration platforms like Zoom, Google Workspace, and the likes of Slack made the transition to a distributed model of working smooth. Research suggests that a new breed of entrepreneurs is sweeping the business world and they are doing it all on their own. Solopreneurs contributed USD 1.2 trillion to the US economy, in 2020 and their usage is expected to grow up. As the client base and complexity of running one person businesses increases, the demand for software for solopreneurs and solopreneurs is only expected to increase.

What’s unique about software for solopreneurs?

Software has been traditionally designed for Medium to Large enterprises. Depending on the use case, software solutions are complex entities to build and maintain. Over the years, with advancements in technology and the adoption of the Cloud, it is now becoming easier to offer standardised solutions at scale. But the challenge is that solopreneurs are in many ways spoilt for choice and this is because they don’t know what they want. Depending on the type of industry they work in or their behaviour they tend to use a mix of products based on either online or referrals from colleagues.

All in one solutionsGoogle Workspace, Zoho One
EmailGmail, Apple Mail
MarketingMailchimp, HubSpot
InvoicingFreshbooks, Zoho Invoicing, Invoicera
AccountingXero, Quickbooks
Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)
Zoho CRM, Email, Phone Contacts
ProductivityTodoist, Google Tasks
Project ManagementAsana, Trello, Slack
Plethora of software options for Freelancers

Established solutions targeted at small businesses or solopreneurs

All in one product suites have developed over a period of time. Companies that started of as providers of time tracking or accounting solutions were forced to innovate and offer more features as a means of differentiating from the competition. While these solutions were not built with all in one principles in mind, they are now some of the best in terms of integrated offerings out there. These include

HelloBonsai (

With over 50,000+ freelancers using their platform, Bonsai is one of the premier all in one product suites out there. Invoicing, Contract management, CRM, Accounting, Time Tracking and Task Tracking are but some of the features of the app. In terms of pricing, their base plan starts at USD 24 per month while their most popular one is at USD 39 per month.

Fiverr WorkSpace / (

Launched as and then rebranded as Fiverr WorkSpace, after being purchased by Fiverr. The platform provides end to end features that enable freelancers, solopreneurs and small businesses to get organized, get business, and get paid. The platform is primarily targeted at Sellers on but also have a basic free and a monthly paid access solution at USD 18 per month.

Zoho One (

With over 50,000 customers Zoho One is another comprehensive all in one solutions platform. It is an amalgamation of 40 plus standalone applications. The company offers different packages based on your needs – be it as a freelancer, small business or a company. Contract Management, Finance and Accounting, Contract Management are but some of the solutions on offer.

About Latom is an all in one software solution for freelancers, counsellors, therapists, barbers, salons, consultants, doctors or gig workers. It provides for calendar and booking management, Client Management (CRM), and a platform to build your own consulting/services marketplace. We offer a web and android based solution. To know more please book a demo here.